UCLA Alumni Band Gig Alert 11/17/17

UCLA Alumni Band

November 17, 2017

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL – vs. Baylor University Lady Bears
Tomorrow! November 18 - Call Time: 11:30 am

We Need YOU!!!

Thanks to all of you who volunteered to perform, because we definitely have enough of a group that this gig is a "GO". But we can always use more players to help fill Pauley, so please come out and join us.

- Parking is being provided by Athletics in Lot 7; simply identify yourself as a member of the UCLA Alumni Band to the attendant at the gate

- You and your guests should all enter through the door on the west side of Pauley (look for a small “Office” sign). Once you’re inside the building, make your way down to the bleachers on the floor on the west side. (This is where we used to sit for gymnastics meets.)

- We'll provide donuts, and bagels and cream cheese starting at 11:30 am
(Think of it as Brunch with the Bruins and the Bears!)

- We'll finish up right after the game ends so you can go watch the football game.



FOOTBALL - vs. California Golden Bears
FRIDAY November 24 - Call Time: 4:00PM


The 2017 regular season concludes with a home game on FRIDAY, November 24, against the UC Berkeley California Golden Bears. Thanks to the Alumni Band, the Bruins have not lost a game at the Rose Bowl this year and the team is counting on you, a vital member of the UCLA Alumni Band, to play an amazing series of pregame concerts to liven up the crowd and entice them to cheer wildly as the Bruins march up and down the field scoring an endless number of touchdowns and…Well, hopefully the Bruins will win, become bowl eligible so the band can have a bowl watching party and hopefully next year the Bruins will win 14 games and win the BCS championship, which gives the winning team a trophy and new instruments for their alumni bands.

Please do not bring your leftover turkey carcasses to this event. Please leave them somewhere on the USC campus on your way. Nobody there will notice.



2017 schedule

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