UCLA Alumni Band Gig Alert 05.13.17 - UCLA Baseball vs Utah

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Celebrating 41 Years of Providing Music for UCLA Athletics, Alumni, and Football Fanatics

June 19, 2018

UCLA Alumni Band w/ Joe Bruin

The Alumni Band has a plethora of gig opportunities and we need you to sign up. IMMEDIATELY. Well, maybe after your coffee but definitely before your lunch break. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017 – Jackie Robinson Stadium – Call Time 1:00PM

Click here to sign up!!

At press time the band only has 16 signups for this event, we would like field a band at least as big as the two baseball teams, so please sign up as soon as possible. Baseball is better than softball, because there are 2 more innings to play between. We were awesome at the softball game and we should be awesome at the baseball game. The weather forecast calls for 81 degrees and sunny (weather.com), 58 and rain (trueweather.com), and 108 and humid (menopauseweather.org).



The Alumni Band bylaws and Theresa May have called for an election of officers before July 1.
If you want to hold one of these esteemed positions, or if you want to retain your current position, please let President Pardess know (president@uclalumniband.org). These positions look great on your college application and on your resume so I would advise everyone to run for at least two positions.



The next Alumni Band board meeting will be held at Phillipe’s on Saturday, June 3 from 9:30am to 12:00pm. All Alumni Band members are welcome to participate and learn about the important decisions made at these events, like whether to get an omelet or a sandwich, how much ice we need for the warm games, and when we fire the Newsletter author we should tell him or her formally, or just publish a new newsletter announcing the firing to the world and have him or her or it find out in that publication.    The officer positions specified by the bylaws are: 
President, Vice President, Music Director, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Librarian, Communications Coordinator, Festivities Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Properties Coordinator, and Unappreciated Abused Webmaster.


 2017 Band Schedule


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