UCLA Alumni Band Gig Alert 06.18.17 - Important Update


September 25, 2018

Saturday, July 15 – 5:00pm Call Time

After last year’s triumphant performance, we have been invited back by UCLA Athletics to perform at this year’s Bruin Viewin’ season ticket holder event at the Rose Bowl. We’ll play for an hour or so as fans arrive at the stadium, and will then play a little more inside before the show (“Remember the Titans”) starts at 7:00pm. Band members are welcome to bring their families and to stay for the movie.

A special added attraction is that UCLA’s new UnderArmour football uniforms will be unveiled.

We need to know right away if we’ll have a band, so please email Dave Pardess (at president@uclalumniband.org) by Sunday, June 25 if you will join us.



Once again it is time to renew your annual Alumni Band membership. For a limited time, memberships will remain at $45. Just go to our website (http://uclalumniband.org) to download the form and find the address to which you should send it. (Please, please, please actually write in your phone number, email address, and emergency contact info; putting “Same as last year” doesn’t help us verify our database.)

At the Barbecue (a forward reference, not a null pointer), the membership price will increase to $845, with the $800 payable in cash and the $45 in a check. Please discretely place the cash in Joel’s pockets during the rehearsal without anyone (including Joel) noticing. This should not be difficult since nobody ever watches Joel while playing, anyway. BEFORE THE REHEARSAL please mail your check to Rochelle Kellner so she can focus on listening to the harmonic and melodic sounds* of the band instead collecting checks.


Saturday, August 26 – 8:30am Call Time


In celebration of another round of dues collection, the Alumni Band will also hold its Annual Rehearsal/Barbecue on Saturday, August 26 at Hirsch Castle (22217 Romar St.) in lovely Chatsworth, CA. Call time will be 8:30AM with downbeat at 9:00AM. The band will provide bread and meat and condiments. Bring your whole family, as the pool will be open and we will have a lifeguard on duty.

Band members whose last names begin with the letters a-w should bring salad/appetizer/chip type foods. Those whose letters begin with the letter x-z and numbers, punctuation marks and Tamil alphabet characters should bring dessert type food. Remember that if you do not follow the directions above the Hirsch family will spend the remainder of their summer subsisting on brownies and pound cake, so go ahead and bring what you want as long as you pay your band dues before the rehearsal.



The first order of business at the rehearsal other than exchanging heartfelt stories about how we managed to survive without football for 8 months is to elect the 2017-2018 board of directors. If you are interested in serving on this prestigious and influential group, please tell Dave Pardess before the event so he can have the FBI check your music folder to verify that your music is sorted appropriately.



In an effort to instill fear and terror into a Bruin opponent, the September 30 game has been designated as “White Out” day where everyone in the audience is supposed to bring a bottle of white out and open it as the Colorado Buffaloes run onto the field and the fumes will disorient them and cause to forget how to run, block, tackle, pass, and write their name on their Wonderlic test. Or it might mean that everyone is supposed to wear white clothes that day including jackets with the buttons in the back like what I wore in the place I was just released from. The Band will have a special T-shirt for sale for the LOW low low low low low low low price of $10. It will be awesome. And white. (See the picture above for example of White, and the picture below for what the shirt will actually look like).



At the rehearsal, the band will be selling a wide and dynamic variety of exciting Alumni Band swag, including, but not limited to blue t-shirts, black t-shirts, duffel bags, polo shirts, caps, hats, and sweatshirts for our afternoon September games. The exact inventory of sizes and quantities is an appendix to the upcoming Harry Potter book** and is not yet available. The band will accept checks and cash.



If you still possess S-labeled tunes in any of your Alumni Band folders, please turn them in at the rehearsal.


Sunday, September 3

For those of you who do not have 7.5 hours of your 8 work day to spend reading important things like articles about UCLA Football, articles about UCLA Basketball, articles about UCLA Gymnastics, and other articles about UCLA and its Athletics program, please be aware that the opening game at the Rose Bowl will be on SUNDAY, September 3 with a 1:00PM call time.




For late-breaking news and other updated information about the UCLA Alumni Band, go to our website, www.uclalumniband.org. You can also check us out on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/uclalumniband.

* - including Joel yelling – TUBAS, you missed the key change and are too loud and are not paying attention and are behaving just like I did when I was a tuba player.

** - Harry Potter and the Aging Brass Band


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