UCLA Alumni Band Gig Alert 07.09.17


July 9, 2017

This Saturday, July 15 – 5:00pm Call Time

Please join us this Saturday for the first event of the 2017 UCLA Football season! This was a really fun gig last year, and we’d like to have a big band on hand to welcome season ticket holders and other dignitaries to the Rose Bowl.

We’ll play for an hour or so as fans arrive at the stadium, and will then play a little more inside before the show (“Remember the Titans”) starts at 7:00pm. Band members are welcome to bring their families and to stay for the movie.

A special added attraction is that UCLA’s new UnderArmour football uniforms will be unveiled.

Note: Because UCLA’s new contract with UnderArmour went into effect on July 1, we will wear our blue UCLA Alumni Band t-shirts for this gig. (If you don’t have one, wear your black UCLA Alumni Band t-shirt. If you don’t have one of those, wear anything blue that doesn’t have “Adidas” branding on it. It’s totally fine to wear UnderArmour-branded shirts, but please do not wear our Adidas-branded polo shirts - or hats. Note that our white hats are not Adidas-branded.)

(For those of you who are curious, UCLA Athletics will be providing us with new UnderArmour-branded polo shirts, which we hope to have in time to hand out at the Annual Rehearsal this year.)




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