UCLA Alumni Band Newsletter 8/6/17


August 6, 2017

Saturday, August 26, 8:30 am
Hirsch Castle • 22217 Romar St. • Chatsworth

Believe it or not it is almost time for Football Season, which along with Flu Season, Fire Season, and Hurricane Season, make up the inspiration for Vivaldi’s epic classical masterpiece “The Liberty Bell March”, which the Alumni Band is still allowed to play. As the Alumni Band has done every year since before its immaculate inception, new and old band members and their families will gather at Hirsch Castle on Saturday, August 26 for a rehearsal, swim party, and family barbecue. Alumni Band members will perform their annual tuning ritual and then watch Joel wave his arms for hours while they practice new songs, old songs, yellow songs, and blue songs. Sometimes the rehearsal lasts so long that the White House hires and fires an entire communications staff during this event.

Family members are encouraged to attend and enjoy the backyard, and the pool and the free beer and sodas. After the rehearsal will be the family barbecue, where volunteers from the Band, the hosts, and the neighborhood will barbecue Alumni Band family members, or maybe barbecue food for the family members of the band, but whatever, the food is good and plentiful and the drinks flow freely and the music is awesome and


As per our tradition, Alumni Band members get to bring salads or desserts. This year, those whose last names start with the letters “R”, “O”, “S”, “E”, or “N” should bring desserts, and all the rest of you should bring some sort of salad.

There will be a professionally certified lifeguard to monitor to pool during the rehearsal so you do not have to pay attention to your children while they swim; you can send them email instead. Make sure to bring towels if you or anyone in your family plans to swim!

Call Time is 8:30am. Please arrive on time so you can attend the exciting Annual Membership meeting and do not have to walk past the clarinet players after rehearsal starts causing them to impale their palate on their reeds and bleed all over Judy Hirsch’s white carpet.

Please pay your dues before the Rehearsal by mailing your completed membership form with a check for $45 payable to the UCLA Alumni Band to Rochelle Kellner. (You can go to our website to download a current membership form or open the pdf attachment below.)

There will be new music at the rehearsal so be prepared to pick up and memorize the music before the rehearsal.

Please take pictures with your smartphone during events instead of watching the conductor so we can have a really great end of the year newsletter filled with pictures of thumbs and the ground. Please send your photos to Sheila Lefor at sheila@lefor.com.

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2017 Season Opener Schedule

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