UCLA Alumni Band Newsletter 8/28/17


August 28, 2017

FOOTBALL vs Texas A&M Aggies
THIS SUNDAY (YES, SUNDAY!), SEPTEMBER 3 - Call Time: 1:00 pm

Texas A&M

There will be a football game on Sunday, September 3 at 4:30pm at the Rose Bowl and it will involve the UCLA Alumni Band, the UCLA Football team, another football team, and most importantly, the UCLA Alumni Band. Call time is 1:00pm because we want to do Porta-Sons and then a concert and meet the team and cure insomnia and then play sons 6x10^23 times for the team and play more and then play in the Court of Champions and then watch a football game even though we would all rather play another 3-hour concert in the hot sun while it is not being eclipsed.


PARKING – Parking at the Rose Bowl is handled by the City of Pasadena. Passes sold the day of the game will now cost $30, but you can purchase passes for Parking Lot H in advance for $25 at https://www.parkjockey.com/rose-bowl. More information about parking for UCLA Football games can be found at uclabruins.com/parking. Also, remember that parking doesn’t always run very smoothly at the first game of the year, so please plan to come early.

LUNCH We will be providing tasty sandwiches for Alumni Band members and their guests starting at about 12:30pm, so make sure to sign up for the game on our website, and did we mention to come early? (If you don’t think so, please re-read the “Parking” item above.)

SHIRTS – Our new Under Armour polo shirts have been delayed, so Alumni Band members should wear an Alumni Band shirt that does not have an Adidas logo on it. Our blue t-shirts are the preference, and our black t-shirts and white t-shirts are OK, too. Blue t-shirts are sold out but black and white t-shirts will be available for purchase for $10 each at all home games (while supplies last).

DUES - All members of the Alumni Band must pay their dues before they will be given a wristband to enter the Rose Bowl. Please mail your dues and membership form to Rochelle at the address on the form, or bring them with you to the games.

HOW TO GET IN TO THE ROSE BOWL WITH US FOR FREE – In addition to having paid their dues (see item immediately above), all members are also expected to play the entire pregame concert and the Court of Champions concert in order to be given your wristband for free admission to the game for yourself and your guest. Also, you must check in no later than 2:00pm at the game this Sunday.

MUSIC – We have new music to hand out, and we are asking everyone to turn in all their “S” songs. To make sure you have time to get all your music organized, we suggest you come early.

CLEAR BAG POLICY – The Rose Bowl has a Clear Bag policy. With the exception of our instruments, cases, stands, and other band equipment, everything else you bring into the stadium should be carried in an approved Clear Bag. More information on the UCLA/Rose Bowl Clear Bag policy can be found here.

FUTURE GAMES - Our next home game will be the following Saturday, September 9, against Hawaii. Call time is 10:30am.

The home game against Colorado on Saturday, September 30 will be a “White Out” game. We have very special white Alumni Band t-shirts for sale for $10 each.


POTENTIAL NEW MEMBERS – We’re always looking for new members! If you know someone who is interested in joining the Alumni Band, please contact our Membership Chair, Rebecca Panman, at membership@uclalumniband.org so she can first verify their eligibility. As a reminder, in order to join the Alumni Band, people must play a band instrument and have attended UCLA (either as an undergraduate or graduate student). This does not include people who: wear a UCLA shirt, cheer for UCLA, have visited the campus, know how to do the 8-clap, have a relative who attended UCLA, or hate u$¢.

USC GAME TICKETS – We have access to purchase tickets (in the UCLA section) for the USC game at the Coliseum on November 18. They will cost $125 each and must be ordered and paid for by September 30. See Rochelle for more information.

TENTATIVE GIG - PLEASE SIGN UP for the Holmby Park Lawn Bowling Club’s 90th anniversary event on Saturday, October 14 so we know if we have a viable band or if they need to hire another band.




2017 Season Opener Schedule

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