UCLA Alumni Band Gig Alert 9/22/17

UCLA Alumni Band

September 22, 2017

FOOTBALL - vs Colorado Buffaloes
Saturday, September 30, 4:00pm

This must be a Harvest Football month because the third UCLA home game in September will occur on Saturday, September 30 at the Rose Bowl, which is conveniently located next to the UCLA Alumni Band tailgate area. The game is scheduled for 7:30pm. Call time will be 4:00pm for Porta-Sons, a concert outside the Rose Bowl, a concert at the Court of Champions, and then a football game. *** THIS IS A WHITE-OUT GAME *** Wear the new white UCLA Alumni Band t-shirt you just bought unless your kid took it to tie dye. Then bring a different white shirt.

White-Out Shirt

Our new, blue Under Armour polo shirts will be available for distribution to Alumni Band members who perform with us at the game, and we will have our Special Edition UCLA Alumni Band white t-shirts on sale for $10 each.

For those observing Yom Kippur and wanting to come after our published Call Time, we will admit you to the stadium as long as:

1) You let Rochelle (treasurer@uclalumniband.org) know ahead of time that you will be late
2) You arrive in time to enter the stadium with us at 6:30pm
3) You play the Court of Champions concert with us

If you arrive after 6:30pm, we will all be inside the stadium and will have no way to get you in.

Also, the Alumni Band store will close by 5:30pm so our new blue Under Armour polo shirts and our white t-shirts will not be available to those who come after that. They will be available at all remaining home football games.

Anyone not observing Yom Kippur should arrive by the 4:00pm call time because we have fans to entertain!


USC TICKETS MUST be ordered and paid for by no later than 5:30pm on September 30. Tickets cost $125 each, which will be worth it if UCLA wins.

The Alumni Band will not participate in the October 7 Basketball event due to changes in the structure of the event.

The Alumni Band will not participate in the October 14 Lawn Bowling event.

FUTURE SCHEDULES - I read on some random website that UCLA has scheduled a home and home series with the Wisconsin Badgers in 2029 and 2030 and that UCLA has scheduled a home and home series with the planet Betelgeuse 47x Nxp80u3rns in 200029 and 200030. I hope we get free airfare to both.




2017 schedule

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