UCLA Alumni Band Gig Alert 10/13/17

UCLA Alumni Band

October 13, 2017

FOOTBALL - vs Oregon Ducks
Saturday, October 21
Call Time: 9:30 am

The second half of football season begins with a Homecoming game against the always-exciting Oregon Ducks. The Bruins have not beaten the Ducks in many years and will be using the support of their amazing Alumni Band to figure out a way to stop the Ducks offense, move the ball against the Duck defense, and end the Duck Dynasty.

Call time is 9:30 AM and we are returning to wearing our blue polos because white pajamas worked in Star Trek but not for football. Be sure to follow all of the rules which were included in the previous GigAlerts and include but are not limited to showing up more than two hours before the game, playing the entire Court of Champions concert, and paying your dues. The Alumni Band will provide bagels, cream cheese, and donuts, and crispy roasted duck for band members and their guests before the 10:00 AM downbeat.



The UCLA Crew Team has asked the UCLA Alumni Band to provide entertainment for their meet against the Stanford Cardinal on Saturday, March 3, 2018. Call Time will probably be 8:30 AM. The band will not be asked to play on the boats, as we might cause the boats to sink like the Titanic or wash ashore like the Minnow, or we might fall in and get wet. So we will stand safely on shore serenading the rowers.

FUTURE FOOTBALL GAMES - The Alumni Band and their football team have two games in November. The Arizona State Sun Devils will invade the Rose Bowl on November 11, but no time has been set. The California Golden Bears will venture south to face the Bruins on FRIDAY OF THANKSGIVING WEEKEND, November 24 at 7:30 PM with a 4:00 PM Call Time. Be sure to mark your calendars as these are the last two home games of the 2017 season and you will not want to miss them.


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