UCLA Alumni Band Gig Alert 12/31/17

UCLA Alumni Band

December 31, 2017

GYMNASTICS – vs The Ohio State University Buckeyes
THIS Saturday, January 6, 2018 | Call Time: 4:30PM

The Ohio State

WE NEED YOU!!! Start your New Year by joining us for our first gymnastics meet of the year this Saturday. Our team is awesome and we want to have a GIANT band to support them.

Bring your families and friends, too! Everyone should enter Pauley at the “Office” door on the west side of the building, and then join us in our section on the floor.

Carmen has announced a cookie-baking challenge for this meet…just bring a couple dozen of your favorite cookies and we’ll get to watch her eat them all to decide whose is best. (Or maybe she’ll let us sample them and vote.)

Parking in Lot 7 will be provided by UCLA Athletics. Ask the attendant for a permit or go to one of the kiosks at Lot 8 or Lot 4 if there is no attendant present. The parking patrol will issue tickets to vehicles without permits so please do not waste next years’ dues money on a parking ticket.

Did we mention that the meet is THIS SATURDAY? Please make sure to sign up on our website so we know you’ll be there!



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