UCLA Alumni Band - 2017 Music Sets

SET #1
F-18: Sons of Westwood
P-78: Hot N Cold
P-79: Paranoid
P-84: Shout It Out Loud
P-85: Fireball
P-81: Everybody Talks
P-71: High School Never Ends
F-6: Sing, UCLA

SET #2
F-7: Strike Up the Band
P-3: Copacabana
P-54: Build Me Up, Buttercup
P-63: Domino
P-68: Blitzkrieg Bop
P-69: Time Warp
P-77: Sweet Caroline
F-10: Team

SET #3
F-11: Mighty Bruins
P-4S: Seventy-Six Trombones
P-65: The Magnificent Seven
P-66: Disney's Magical Marches
P-67: Mr. Touchdown, USA
P-56: Give My Regards to B'way
F-1: Bye

SET #4
F-4: Fight On, Men of Westwood
P-86: Thriller
P-87: Rosanna
Page 3: Born to be Wild
Page 10: My Boyfriend's Back
Page 15: Wild Thing
P-60: Smoke on the Water
F-18: Sons of Westwood

SET #5
F-1: Bye
P-21: Tuxedo Junction
P-72: Hot, Hot, Hot
P-73: Wake Me Up B4 You Go-Go
P-70: I Want You Back
Page 4: Danger Zone
Page 16: You Give Love a Bad Name
F-7: Strike Up the Band

SET #6
F-6: Sing, UCLA
P-20: New York, New York
P-44: Sweet Georgia Brown
P-19: Take the "A" Train
P-11: Satin Doll
P-10: Perdido
F-11: Mighty Bruins

SET #7
F-10: Team
P-57: Liberty Bell March
P-55: Beer Barrel Polka
P-61: National Emblem March
F-4: Fight On, Men of Westwood

F-18: Sons of Westwood (Cheer)
F-11: Mighty Bruins (singing)

P-32: America the Beautiful
P-14: Stars & Stripes Forever
F-18: Sons of Westwood (singing)
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